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The word factory meets in the Victoria Bar, Tron Theatre, Glasgow - Fridays 1- 3.30 Contact 0791 860 1799. www.Creative-sherland 

The Word Factory is an experimental writers group, open to all who wish to explore creativity and words. The workshops enable the development of skills and experience in creative writing and spoken word. The group produces work for publication and performance and this underpins its ethos.

The Word Factory logo symbolizes the roof shape of their first home, the old Tramway Theatre buildings with its characteristic chimney. The embedding of ‘WORD’ within the body of the building is to emphasise the nature of the experience, as a group of individuals having the common aim of making words effective in their usage. The choice of the word ‘Factory’ as the key term pushes those participating to consider their involvement in the project as a productive process, an essential ingredient in the mix of the group, as well as giving an intellectual nod at both Bauhaus and Warhol’s Art Factory.

Marc R. Sherland, Ambassador for the Federation of Writers (Scotland), secretary of the Scottish Association of Writers, facilitates the workshops. Members also have the opportunity to engage with a range of artists and writers brought into the group to develop specialist skills and techniques.

There are a limited number of places available at any moment in time - with a working limit of around 20 people.

The Word Factory constantly looks for opportunities to engage with other projects, providing a way of commenting on, and informing, the public about exhibitions, shows, plays and activities in the local environ. If you have an event which you are putting on please let us know, if we can be of help.

It is a stated objective that the Word Factory will seek to mount several performance events throughout the year, both in its own right and in association with other projects. We welcome innovative ideas with which we might engage.

The average attendance throughout the 2011 season has been around fifteen active members from a pool of twenty+ persons, with a number of extras who engage when their other commitments allow. The Word Factory has established a regular open mike opportunity titled ‘WORD PLAY’ usually on the first Wednesday of the month, in the Tron Theatre, attracting an artist of note for a feature slot and giving group members experience in performance. Music has also been a feature of these performances with a number of members reviving an interest in their own musicality and / or inviting others with musical talent. The group has worked on specific projects such as the Mad Hatter’s Banquet and a Birdlore Themed item. The Carnival of Cacophony is another idea which the group may visit later.

The Word Factory also issues pamphlets, blue-prints and other published material from time to time to keep the public aware of its activities and the words that it produces.

Interested ? Contact Marc R. Sherland at marcsherland @ btinternet.com


The Current Wordstars are :

Clare Boyle

Geoff Cooper

Etta Dunn

Graeme Gass

Alice Gemmell

Linda Grant

Ginny Henson

Nancy Lippola-Ingram

Jan MacCaskill

Wyatt McCrae

Gary Philips

Marc R. Sherland

John Slater

Linda Smith

Catherine Walker

Nuala Watt

Terry Williams

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Paddy Hanrahan noted storyteller, at a recent WORD PLAY event.